Honeywell Digital Pressure Sensor withCANopen®

Product Announcement from Honeywell Test & Measurement

Honeywell’s Digital Pressure Sensors with CANopen®, Model DPS are an addition to Honeywell’s general purpose test and measurement pressure sensors, configured with a variety of features and options and built to provide consistent performance in a variety of applications and harsh environments.

The CANopen® protocol communications allows customers to:

  • Connect to longer cable distances without sacrificing accuracy
  • Reduce the amount of wires that need to be connected to the system, simplifying installation
  • Mitigate data corruption


  •  Rugged all-welded, stainless steel with Hastelloy® design for use in harsh environments
  • Wide pressure range available:  [10 psi to 10K psi, 1 bar to 700 bar, 70 kPa to 70000 kPa]
  • Accuracy: ±0.25 or ±0.1 %FS
  • Total Error Band [±2 % FS]
  • Output: CANbus with CANopen® protocol
  • Designed for configurability – choose from a selection of pressure types, accuracy, ranges, connections, and electrical terminations



  • Construction equipment
  • Rail equipment testing
  • Automotive test benches/test stands


  • General industrial process control
  • Factory automation/industrial equipment


  • Medical equipment systems (i.e. X-ray collimator, MRI scanning, etc.)


  • Test and research labs

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Model DPS    Flush Diaphragm – 100 psi to 15000 psi       ±0.5% accuracy      Datasheet

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