Honeywell Model 31 Miniature Load Cell

Product Announcement from Honeywell Test & Measurement

Honeywell’s Model 31 miniature load cells measure both tension and compression load forces of 50 grams up to 10,000 lbs. 

Our highest accuracy miniature sized load cell (±0.25% - ±0.30 full scale), these rugged, all-welded stainless steel miniature load cells are designed to eliminate or reduce to a minimum the effects of off-axis loads.   The internal construction assures excellent long-term stability for ranges 1000 grams and above. 


  • Range:
    • 50 g to 250 lb
    • 500 lb to 10,000 lbs
  • Accuracy
    • ±0.25 % full scale (50 g to 250 lb)
    • ±0.30 % full scale (500 lb to 10,000 lb)
  • Miniature size to fit into tight spaces
  • All-welded stainless steel,
  • Can be modified for underwater applications
  • mV/V output

Potential Applications:

  • Cable tension
  • Electromechanical parts testing
  • Medical control systems
  • Pharmaceutical process or product control
  • Semiconductor/electronics testing
  • Aerospace test applications

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