Honeywell Model 41 Pancake Type Load Cell

Product Announcement from Honeywell Test & Measurement

Model 41 is a low profile "pancake" type load cell. These bonded foil, strain gage load cells are engineered to measure loads from 5 lb to 500,000 lb. The tension/ compression Model 41 is designed with the threaded hole running completely through the center of the cell.

Model 41 utilizes two stabilizing diaphragms, which are welded to the sensing member to reduce off-center and side-loading effects. It provides high performance in non-linearity, hysteresis, and repeatability specifications for such applications as tube mills, extruding processes and weighing.

Each unit has a welded construction and can be hermetically sealed for added durability. Model 41 load cells are available with optional 0 Vdc to 5 Vdc or 4 mA to 20 mA output.