HRR Hosco Regulator Restrictor for precise control

Product Announcement from Hosco Finishing System Components

HRR Hosco Regulator Restrictor for precise control-Image

Hosco patented regulator/restrictor family of products allows manual sprayers to consistently and precisely control spray gun flow rates from 100 cc/min to 1000 cc/min with little regard to head pressure or gun elevation changes. Combining the functions of a regulator (which controls pressure) and a restrictor (which controls flow rate) into this compact package allows sprayers to provide consistent film builds regardless of the change in gun position or elevation. With the implementation of high transfer efficiency spray guns, this precise control is much more important at the lower station flow rates of these spray guns.

Recommended Applications:

• Aircraft

• Farm Implement

• Construction Equipment

• High Efficiency Air Spray or HVLP

• Spray Stations with Large Elevation Changes