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Hotwatt, made in USA, was established in 1952 and began with the manufacturing of one product, the open coil heating element. Since then Hotwatt has expanded our product line to include cartridge, air process, immersion, strip and finned strip, tubular and finned tubular, band, foil, flexible glasrope®, crankcase and ceramic heaters. We are dedicated to the design and manufacturing of resistance heating elements for a variety of OEM, industrial, medical, commercial and military applications. In addition, we can supply compatible accessory items, which enable us to offer a complete heater system.

Hotwatt has been a leader in manufacturing resistance heating elements for 60 years. We have evolved from a large supplier of the appliance industry to become a quality supplier in Medical, Packaging, Instrumentation, Aviation, Transportation and Military fields.

Our most popular product is our Cartridge heaters.  We make low to medium and high watt density cartridge heaters.  The size, sheath, terminations and ratings can be adapted to your heating requirements.  Cartridge heaters provide localized heat to restricted work areas requiring close thermal control. Dies, platens and a variety of other types of processing equipment are efficiently heated. Closely controlled work temperatures up to 1400 F (760 C) are obtained by a combination of heater location and proper wattage output.

Immersion heaters are ideally suited for heating various liquids. They are available in various sheath materials and watt densities tailored for your specific applications. Units may be supplied for single, three phase or three heat operation. The lead end of the unit may be sealed for extreme environmental conditions.

Air Process heaters will provide hot air and gas up to 1400º F (760º C) with infinite control by varying the voltage and air flow. Air heaters are available with various male and female fittings, hose adaptors (entry only) and flanges. We can also provide temperature sensing control.

Stainless Steel Strip & Finned Strip heaters provide clean, dependable heat with sheath temperatures up to 1200º F (650º C) and watt densities up to 40 watts per square inch. Finned Strip heaters are available with aluminum or stainless steel fins. Mica Insulated Strip heaters are also available in various sizes.

Foil & Rope heaters are a self contained one piece assembly. A resistance element is laminated between two layers of aluminum foil. This heater is ideally suited for area and surface heating applications. Operating temperatures up to 300º F (150º C). Sizes range from 1.25" to 60" wide with lengths of 4" and up. Glasrope heaters are flexible heaters available in various lengths, sheath materials and terminations. Operating temperatures up to 900º F (485º C).

Tubular & Finned Tubular heaters have built in resistance to impact, vibration, corrosion and temperature extremes. The heater is swaged, reducing the diameter of the sheath and compacting the insulation. This insures rapid heat transfer and holds the coil in position for forming. Many diameters, sheath materials and configurations are available.

Band heaters are used in multiple applications like cylinders, dies, drums, holding tanks, injections and blow molding machines, and Plastic Extruders as well as many other applications. The Hotwatt Standard Band Heaters are manufactured in one or two piece constructions with maximum inside diameters of 11 1/2" and 22 1/2" respectively. Three or more sections are employed when heaters of larger diameters are needed (as for blown film extrusion dies).

Ceramic heaters are a ceramic body encasing a resistance element and packed within magnesium oxide. Temperatures to 1300°F (705°C) for applications like copiers, dehumidifiers, glue guns, heat sealing tools, instrumentation, resisters, soldering and de-soldering equipment and valve heaters.

Crankcase heaters are used to overcome the problem of migration and condensation of refrigerant in the crankcases of compressors used in air conditioning and heat pump systems. They are designed to keep the crankcase oil at a temperature higher than the coldest part of the system to prevent migration. They are constructed of the highest quality corrosion resistance materials and sealed against moisture.

Our Technical Information section will help you to find your wattage requirements as well as suggested watt densities. You will also find installation suggestions, ohms law, wiring diagrams and most everything you will need to find the correct heater for your application.

In addition, we can supply compatible accessory items which enable us to offer a complete heater system.