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Heat Switch Point Rails and Machines to Keep Tracks Free of Ice and Snow

There are many moving parts when it comes to keeping trains running safely and reliably 24/7. Rail switches—and the movable rails they control—and switch points must be kept free and clear of ice and snow. The best way to remove snow and ice is to heat the switch points rails and the switch machines that control them. Ancillary heating of the rail ballast beneath the switch machines may also be necessary.

Choosing a durable, effective heater for your rail transport system helps to ensure the overall safety and reliability of your operations. But which heater is the right one for your application?

What’s the Best Heater for My Rail System?

Hotwatt has been manufacturing heating elements for rail and other industries for over 50 years. Our well-engineered, rugged heaters are made to our customers’ specifications and are designed to last many seasons.

There are a few things to consider in determining the best heat source for your rail system, including:

·      How much thermal conductivity can the heat source send?

·      What is the rail size?

·      What wattage, length, and diameter are needed?

·      How many pounds are being transported per yard?

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