Custom Bores

Product Announcement from Huco Dynatork

Custom Bores-Image

Bore adaptors offer a convenient way of adapting a coupler to a variety of shaft diameters, typically at the R & D stage. A range of motor options, for example, can be accommodated with one coupler and a selection of Huco-Loks. When fitted to set screw hubs, adaptors prevent the screws from scoring the shafts and permit repeated re-positioning and easy removal of the coupler.

The adaptors feature a feathered head, which sits in the chamfer at the bore entry and prevents over-insertion.

Note that both traction and concentricity may be affected when using an adaptor. For best results shafts with h6 tolerance or better, are recommended. Undersized shafts become progressively less effective. For similar reasons, flatted shafts with more than 1/4 of their diameter removed are not recommended.

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