Fall Protection Horizontal Synthetic Lifeline

Product Announcement from Hy-Safe Technology

Fall Protection Horizontal Synthetic Lifeline-Image

Hy-Safe's revolutionary synthetic rope system has many features beyond regular cable.

  • A unique 16mm polyester parallel fiber cable which, when combined with specified stainless steel sub components, enables unhindered and continuous movement around or across a building or a structure.
  • Unrivaled system performance characteristics permit span distance of up to 164' (50m), while minimizing structural loading and line deflection in the event of a fall
  • In addition, the 16mm cable has a built in wear indicator, which is resistant to typical degradation factors including UV; can be utilized for permanent or temporary access and supports multiple workers in accordance with specified parameters
  • The 16mm polyester parallel fiber cable system is ideally suited to circumstances where traditional wire rope options exceed structural specifications or greater span distance between supports is required or desired in order to limit the need for structural penetration

Key Features:

  • Ability to span longer distances at shorter heights for less money than conventional cable systems.
  • Greater spans between anchors for quicker, less obtrusive installations
  • Fewer anchors than conventional systems
  • Fewer anchors and low dynamic arrest loads protect the integrity of the building or structure
  • Colored cable increases safety awareness

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