Digital Pressure Gauge Diagnostic Tee Kits

Featured Product from HydraCheck Inc.

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Hydracheck's Digital Pressure Gauge Diagnostic Tee Kit is an excellent tool for capturing pressure measurements on all types of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, both mobile and industrial. The kit combines accurate digital pressure gauges along with the most common in-line adaptors for JIC and ORFS port configurations. These adaptors can be plumbed quickly to make interfacing with any system easy.

Together, the digital gauges and diagnostic tees provide system accessibility coupled with state-of-the-art precision measurement. The rugged case is designed to be versatile and portable. This kit is the ideal tool for any pressure sensing application. There are six (6) kits to choose from and you can get them with either Test 20 or PD series diagnostic connectors.

Each Digital Pressure Gauge Diagnostic Tee Kit includes:

  • One, two, or three Service Junior pressure gauges with manuals.
  • Six (6) JIC tees with diagnostic test ports.
  • Six (6) ORFS tees with diagnostic ports.
  • One (1) microbore hose assembly for use with each gauge.
  • One (1) durable carry-case with three (3) removable storage compartments.