HYPERFORM® Thermoplastic Elastomer Film

Featured Product from Hygenic Corporation (The)

HYPERFORM Thermoplastic Elastomer Film provides a great latex free option while still imitating many properties of natural rubber. With its high elasticity and elongation, our thermoplastic elastomer film can act as an alternative to silicone or natural rubber. Like synthetic rubber, thermoplastic is made from a petrochemical material source, but no curatives are required. Therefore, this makes an end product with fewer extractables, and creates product solutions that can be designed within established ASTM and/or FDA standards.

Highlighted Features:

  • Better ozone resistance than natural rubber latex

  • Successfully tested to the ISO 10993 standard for various medical applications

  • Available in many different colors - color matching

  • Can be die cut for use in seals, diaphragms, gaskets and more


Available on a custom order basis only. If you think our HYPERFORM Thermoplastic Elastomer Film is the solution for your next application, contact us for a quote.