58mm Programmable Encoder - Eliminate downtime

Featured Product from Hymark/Kentucky Gauge

IQ58/CKQ58 programmable incremental encoder from Lika is conceived to be as multipurpose and adaptive as you need it to be.  Discover how its complete programmability and the several mechanical and electrical configurations guarantee the flexibility and versatility to perfectly meet the widest range of specific industrial requirements.

IQ58/CKQ58 programmable incremental encoders from Lika provide the individual specifications with an all around solution. Thanks to both the full parameterization via PC (such as PPR and the electrical interface features) and the broad range of mechanical and electrical connection options (including solid and hollow shafts, connector and cable outputs, etc.) it is totally customizable and offers complete adaptability, versatility and freedom for any kind of application.

IQ58/CKQ58 is a general-purpose encoder designed for standard installations at an affordable price. It features a robust magnetic scanning and can be programmed to accommodate any value from 1 to 16,384 pulses. It provides AB0 and inverted /AB0 signals via Push-Pull & Line Driver compatible output circuit. The output signal voltage level is according to the input voltage (+5Vdc … +30Vdc). In addition, the Index mark position and duration (90° or 180° el.) as well as the counting direction (CW and CCW) can be set via the free PC software.

IQ58/CKQ58 comes in the standard 58mm (2.28”) flange diameter design and the whole range of mechanical configurations. Hollow (Ø 14, 15 mm; 0.55”, 0.59”) and solid (Ø 6, 8, 9.52, 10, 12 mm / 0.24”, 0.31”, 3/8”, 0.39”, 0.47”) shaft versions are available in a 100% safely-sealed enclosure with IP65 protection rating. M12 and M23 connector as well as cable options in either axial or radial output are offered.


To meet the requirements of high-end and demanding applications, the IP58/CKP58 programmable incremental encoder is also available. It adds a numerous benefits to the characteristics of IQ58. IP58 encompasses a precise optical scanning and is programmable from 1 to 65,536 PPR. Furthermore it is able to achieve a typical accuracy of ±0.005° and a counting frequency up to 800 Hz. In order to improve convenience and speed up the installation setup  IP58 is fitted with a push-button located externally on the case: it allows to easily set the Index mark at any position (in addition, the Index mark can be programmed via PC or set remotely by applying an external signal). A further advantage is the Universal output circuit (Push-Pull & Line Driver compatible) and the selectable output signal voltage level: it can be either +5Vdc or according to the input voltage to match individual application demands. IP58 further allows for extended -40°C +100°C (-40°F +212°F) operating temperatures. Two LEDs for improved diagnostic information complement the remarkable features of the top choice.

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