Absolute Kit Encoders for Robot Joints and Motors

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Lika Electronic offers a comprehensive line-up of optical kit encoders and magnetic modular encoders. They are designed with an extensive selection of specifications, technologies, and options that can be customized to fit OEM application requirements of robotics industry and motor manufacturers. New from Lika Electronic, AMM is the extensive range of optical absolute encoders designed in a kit module. AMM encoders are frameless and provide singleturn resolution. They are distinguished by their small size, low profile, minimum weight, high resolution, and fine accuracy.

They are perfect for direct integration into high performance and space critical applications according to the latest design trends such as in robotics, robot joints, hollow shaft motors (direct drive torque motors, brushless motor kits, etc.), and mechanical transmission devices.

Their compact, slim, and lightweight design allows automation system designers the greatest flexibility, especially in applications where space is constricted and minimal weight are crucial. The elimination of parts that add size also gives designers the advantage of reducing cost. Their operation is non-contact and there are no components subject to wear and fatigue.

They are designed to perfectly fit common motor sizes with shaft diameters ranging between 12 mm and 50 mm (0.472” ÷ 1.968”). The outer diameter of their package is comprised between 25 mm and 80 mm (0.984” ÷ 3.150”), while the average thickness is 12.5 mm only (0.492”).

They are supplied fully calibrated and the assembly process is limited to the mechanical mounting. The range of the operating temperature is -40°C to 100°C (-40°F to 212ºF). From the electrical point of view, AMM kit encoders provide position feedback via SSI, BiSS, and RS-485 protocols. The resolution is 21 bit singleturn (2,097,152 cpr) and the accuracy is in the ±0.010° range. An additional incremental track provides up to 1,024 Sine/Cosine 1Vpp signals for speed feedback and interpolation needs.

Absolute optical kit encoders are also available in multiturn version. The AMM series has the same mechanical characteristics as AMM, but it provides multiturn resolution up to 40 bits.

Because of their minimum footprint and weight and their high performance, AMM and AMM kit encoders are ideal for direct integration into advanced and/or space critical applications such as

  • robotics
  • articulating robots
  • collaborative robots
  • pick & place robots
  • articulating arms
  • torque motors
  • hollow shaft motors
  • brushless AC and DC motors
  • stepper motors
  • spindle motors
  • OEM applications.

For detailed information about optical kit encoders and magnetic modular encoders and to look into how they differ from and what are their advantages over each other and over the conventional shaft encoders, download the white paper, Optical Kit Encoders and Magnetic Modular Encoders. Benefits and Applications. Lika Electronic draws on its first-hand experience to develop customer-specific solutions that meet individual size, shape, resolution, and connection needs.


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