Automate Your PMI Saw with a Kentucky Gauge Pusher

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Automate Your PMI Saw with a Kentucky Gauge Pusher-Image

The Kentucky Gauge PD100 saves time and money with quick and precise positioning. Equipped with a rack and pinion drive and a high-accuracy, non-contact linear encoder, the PD100 ensures the industry’s most rugged, long lasting and accurate automatic gauging solution is ready for integration with any new or existing cutting, drilling, punching, shearing, bending or welding application.

Check out our photo gallery to see product applications. Our systems work with any saw type and all saw manufacturers. 

Key Features

  • Programmable position controller with free-standing control stand
  • Non-contact linear encoder for direct and precise measuring
  • DC servo motor with integrated brake
  • Precision rack and pinion drive
  • Available in any length - No limitations
  • Hinged arm lift for material pass through
  • Linear error compensation - 100 points
  • Input and output signals for full or semi-auto operation in conjuction with machinery
  • Left or right side mounting
  • Customized to fit application requirements



  • Resolution:    0.001”, 0.01mm
  • Encoder accuracy:    ± 0.0005”
  • PD100 repeat-accuracy:    0.001” / 0.01mm
  • Travel speed:    20”/sec standard
  • Program memory:    3000 lines
  • Arm length:    36”, adjustable
  • Steel faceplate:    3” x 5” standard
  • Power supply:    110 VAC, 15 amp
  • Total length:    24”
  • Measuring range:    Unlimited

***Customized versions available upon request.***


Why choose Kentucky Gauge?

2-year Warranty
We're completely confident in our machines. So confident that our industry-leading 2-year warranty comes standard on our machines.

Customized Solutions
You give us your requirements and we'll modify any of our machines to work exactly how you need them to.

Reliable Hardware
Our rugged rack and pinion drive and wear-free linear encoders ensure you can rely on a Kentucky Gauge to withstand day-to-day abuse while maintaining high-accuracy measurements




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