Encoders for Medical Equipment

Featured Product from Hymark/Kentucky Gauge

Medical devices rely heavily on high-performance and dependable encoders and sensors that must comply with rigorous demands and meet specific performance and quality requirements. Lika Electronic designs and provides a variety of valuable and cost effective measuring solutions for medical applications.

Our standard and custom rotary encoders, linear encoders, draw-wire encoders and inclinometers are successfully used in electro-medical and laboratory equipment such as:

  • operating and examination tables
  • scanners (computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, digital mammography equipment, etc.)
  • Gamma Knife and X-ray machines
  • robotics
  • hospital beds
  • dentist chairs
  • laboratory testing devices

They all feature a compact and protected design and provide high standards for safe, reliable and long term operation. The range includes incremental and absolute versions with full-optical or magnetic sensing technologies and digital (BiSS, SSI, etc.) or analog interfaces. Lika also develops customer-specific solutions to fulfill individual dimension, resolution and connection needs for OEMs.

Among the suitable products in the range:

  • CK41, AS36, MM36, IQ36 / CKQ36 rotary encoders
  • SMA1, SMA2, SMA5, SMAX, SMAZ linear encoders
  • SFA-1000 / SFA-2000, SFA-5000 / SFA-10000 cable-pulling encoders
  • SFP string pots / analog wire-actuated transducers
  • IXA, IXB, IXC series inclinometers


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