Industry 4.0 Encoders for Smart Factories

Featured Product from Hymark/Kentucky Gauge

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Lika Electronic is a key player in the manufacturing of encoders and converters with Ethernet and fieldbus technologies and offers one of the most comprehensive ranges in the market. It includes Profinet, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, POWERLINK, and MODBUS TCP, i.e. the five protocols that command over 80 percent of the Industrial Ethernet market share globally, as well as, the standard fieldbus protocols CANopen, Profibus, DeviceNet, and MODBUS RTU.

They are designed in a complete selection of mechanical models with flanges in 58 and 77 mm diameters:

  • Solid shaft version with 6, 8, 9.52, 10 and 12 mm (0.24”, 0.31”, 3/8”, 0.39”, 0.47”) diameter shafts and servo or clamp flange mounting
  • Blind hollow shaft version with 14 and 15 mm (0.55”, 0.59”) diameter.

The full compliance of both the hardware and the software to the protocols, the integration of the complete set of programming functions (position and velocity readout, scaling, preset, code sequence, …), and the advanced diagnostics, even via integrated web server, enable improved performances and allow to achieve robustness, efficiency, versatility, integrability, and productivity that are required by the most advanced industrial systems.

In addition, Lika also offers a comprehensive series of IF55 converters. IF55 converters enable the integration of encoders with SSI interface, both rotary and linear, into any of the aforementioned Ethernet and fieldbus industrial networks. They are designed in a robust metal enclosure with IP65 protection and can be mounted on DIN TS35 rails by means of a clip. They are perfect for retrofitting, as well as, for installations where space is constricted. For example, they allow for mounting compact linear and bearingless encoders or small rotary encoders (Ø 36 mm!) in place of the larger Ø 58 and 77 mm Ethernet/fieldbus standard encoders.

All Ethernet encoders from Lika are available in the following series:

  • EM- series: low cost 27-bit multiturn encoders equipped with robust magnetic technology for standard applications;
  • HS- series: 18-bit singleturn optical encoders for finest accuracy demands;
  • HM- series: 30-bit high-resolution multiturn, optical technology, aimed at high-end applications;
  • XAC- series: singleturn and multiturn encoders with ATEX certification for use in zones 1, 2, 21, 22.