SMLA Absolute Encoder - up to 800mm measuring

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SMLA Absolute Encoder - up to 800mm measuring-Image

For speed and position monitoring on arcs and curved axes, Lika Electronic introduces a new version of well-known SMLA absolute encoder. The bearingless encoder has been updated to measure travels up to 800 mm / 31.496” on arcs and round surfaces whose diameter is greater than 300 mm / 11.811.

It is paired with a flexible magnetic tape that can be easily fixed around the application’s shaft (Lika can also offer customized curved structures with tape on request). It is suited for flat surfaces as well.

The read-head incorporates an absolute and an incremental magnetic sensor in the same package so it can read the absolute and incremental tracks coded on the magnetic tape.

The absolute position information can be used, for example, to detect the system position on starting, while the incremental position information allows speed control. The magnetic sensing technology ensures non-contact and frictionless measuring principle with no components subject to wear or fatigue.

Furthermore, the fully encapsulated electronics integrated in the rugged sensor head is fully protected against dirt, moisture, water, oil, grease, shocks, vibrations etc. (IP68 protection) and guarantees excellent durability under aggressive industrial environments and temperature fluctuations (-25°C 85°C, -13°F 185°F).

SMLA reaches a maximum absolute resolution of 16 bits, i.e. 12 μm, and provides the absolute position through the SSI and BiSS interfaces. The incremental measuring system has a resolution of 1,024 pulses, i.e. 190 μm, and yields square wave signals via Line Driver or Push-Pull output circuits. The sensor can operate at remarkable speeds up to 15,000 rpm / 16 m/s and allows ultra-fast position refresh.

SMLA is ideally suited for installation in

  • pick & place robots
  • delta robots
  • textile and wood, metal & stone working machinery
  • packaging lines
  • mobile equipment
  • 3D printers
  • electronic assembly systems
  • material handling equipment
  • Harsh industrial environments
  • Measure the rotation of the rollers on bending machines.




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