Turnkey Wheel Encoder for Conveyor Belts

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The most accurate method for measuring conveyor belt distance and speed is to directly measure the belt surface itself. This eliminates mechanical tolerances and inconsistencies created during conveyor manufacture or after conveyor components become worn. An encoder/measuring wheel combination is typically used for this purpose. Other necessary mounting components are a bracket, pivot and tension spring. The wheel should be surfaced with a material that has minimal slippage on the conveyor. Spring tension is beneficial in keeping the wheel in contact with the conveyor at all times, especially when shock or vibration is present during operation.

Lika Electronic offers an all-in-one turnkey belt measuring system encompassing a double rubber wheel with integrated incremental encoder and the mounting support in the same package. It's very simple to install and it tracks speed and displacements more precisely.

IR01 is a robust turnkey wheeled encoder that is best suited for accurate length and speed measurements in belted conveyor systems, even in applications at risk of high levels of vibration. It offers a complete and inexpensive assembly to control speed, cut-to-length and object positioning in applications such as in steel, paper, textile, wood and packaging industries. It encompasses a double rubber wheel with integrated incremental encoder and the mounting support in a single package. Typically, the wheel is mounted under the moving material (such as a conveyor belt, a reel or a roller). The support provides a slotted mounting plate and a spring-loaded pivoting arm that allows for quick and simple adjustments to mount the wheel to the belt and load the springs to always exert pressure.


  • Integrated encoder and measuring wheel in one package
  • Available in US and metric wheel sizes
  • Universal output circuit with quadrature signals (AB)
  • Spring-loaded arm for quick and simple wheel pressure adjustments
  • Accommodates deflection up to 30mm
  • Easily installed in any direction - vertical, horizontal or upside down
  • Operates over a variety of surfaces at speeds up to 3000 feet per minute
  • All-in-one package reduces system costs versus sourcing components separately

In addition, the spring-loaded arm is able to accommodate the possible upward and downward movements of the belt without losing constant contact. The wheel's circumference is lined with rubber to eliminate slippage. Available in several diameters, the wheel can be locked in a fixed position or allowed to move freely. The integrated incremental encoder provides AB0 signals with complementary signals via Push-Pull (HTL) 10÷30Vdc, Line Driver (TTL) 5Vdc ±5% ad HTL/TTL compatible 5÷30Vdc universal output circuits (digital version); or sinusoidal signals via 1Vpp output circuit. Resolutions up to 5000 PPR are available (0.06 mm / 0.0024”). M12 connector and cable options are both offered.


Application Fields

Material Handling | Packaging | Timber Products | Converting | Metal Processing, Forming & Fabrication | Printing & Paper Machines | Linear Measurement | Web Tensioning | Cut-to-Length | Conveying | X-Y Positioning | Sorting Machines


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