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Lika Electronic widens its range of LD multi-function process indicators and introduces four new models designed to interface analogue absolute encoders (LD210 model), SSI absolute encoders (LD220 model) and HTL/TTL incremental encoders as well as NPN/PNP/NAMUR sensors (LD350 and LD355 models).

The new range of LD multi-function displays reaches a higher level in usability and versatility. They feature a totally new touch screen and 7-segment graphic display with a complete set of plain text, symbols and units. The LED display is bright and provides high contrast readability and also allows the background light to turn red, green or yellow in the event of the set occurrences such as when the threshold limits are exceeded. The combination of plain text and touch screen functions makes the parametrization very user-friendly and intuitive. The protection rating is IP65.

The new LD range is offered in four models:
LD210 is designed to interface current/voltage analogue encoders
LD220 is designed to interface SSI single- & multiturn encoders
LD350 / LD355 are designed to interface HTL/TTL encoders and NPN/PNP/NAMUR sensors.

LD210 process indicator for analogue encoders
It is equipped with two 16-bit analogue inputs and connects current (0-20mA, 4-20mA) and voltage (±10V, 0-10V) analogue encoders. It can show process values from Input 1 or Input 2 and even the results of a variable combination of the inputs (sum, difference, …). Among the available functions are tare, separate totalization, linearization over 24 interpolation points, choice of the engineering unit, sampling time setting, etc.

LD220 process indicator for SSI encoders
It accepts signals from single- and multiturn encoders with SSI interface, resolution in the range 10 to 32 bits and clock frequency up to 1 MHz. Operation can be as either Master or Slave. The features include scaling, bit blanking,  linearization over 24 interpolation points, choice of the engineering unit, sampling time setting, three HTL PNP control inputs (for example for resetting the display value), etc.

LD350 / LD355 process indicators for incremental encoders and sensors
They are designed to interface two HTL/TTL encoders or NPN/PNP/NAMUR sensors and support many operating modes such as position indicator, tachometer and speed indicator, frequency / RPM indicator, process meter, counter,  timer, stopwatch, etc. The input frequency can be up to 1 MHz. They also implement the counting direction and linearization functions.

All models offer a number of additional options including auxiliary output for encoder supply, voltage/current analogue outputs, PNP control outputs, relay outputs and RS-232 interface. They can be freely combined and allow you to find the exact configuration you need, also in case of replacement of old display models.

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