Wireless Positioning Units Reduce Setup Time

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Wireless Positioning Units Reduce Setup Time-Image

EPU positioning units mix the benefits of automatic changeovers and adjustment operations with the advantages of the wireless technology. They make production processes more flexible and efficient, shorten changeover times, cut costs, reduce downtime and minimize the risks of error and waste material.

EPUs easily replace manual handwheels and position indicators, for example, for the modernization of existing facilities. Additionally, they reduce installation issues by eliminating the need for signal wiring and make it easier to program and control the actuator network remotely.

EPU positioning units integrate motor, encoder, controller and antenna in the same package yet they are very compact and take up less space than ordinary manual handwheels and position indicators. The robust enclosure is dustproof and waterproof and provides IP65 protection rate. The through hollow shaft has a diameter up to 20 mm / 0.787 inches. Adapter flanges and reduction sleeves can be supplied to meet individual installation requirements. EPUs are also equipped with diagnostic LEDs and three buttons for setup and jog functions. The wireless connection eliminates the need for communication cables, which reduces installation costs.

Through a PLC or CC-Link connection and the use of a single 2.4 GHz wireless transmission transceiver it is possible to control simultaneously and remotely up to 32 units in the same network, as well as, to acquire production data and diagnostic information. A software tool is supplied free of charge that has been developed to configure all the units connected in the network via wireless communication and to store their work parameters into setup recipes. The small footprint enables the units to be easily installed in places that are hard or dangerous to reach or where it is difficult to run the wires.

Typical application sectors of EPU positioning units are changeovers in packaging and bottling lines, filling machines, pharmaceutical equipment, food processing machinery. To meet the stringent requirements of these industries, EPUs use NSF H1 food grade grease. They are ideally suited also for the replacement of handwheels and position indicators when retrofitting outdated plants.




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