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6 Axis Force Torque Sensor for medical industry

Featured Product from Hypersen Technologies Co., Ltd.

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The sensors adopt strain gauge structure that can withstand up to 350% overload during operation thanks to its anti-overload capability and durability. 6-axis force torque sensors can be mounted on industrial robots, collaborative robots, exoskeleton robots and medical rehabilitation robots. They are also widely used in flexible gripper grasping, robot joints, automatic measurement and control, wind tunnel testing and other scenarios.


  • Up to 2,000Hz data output rate
  • High precision: 0.05N; 0.001Nm.
  • Low temperature drift
  • Various communication interfaces: RS485, EtherNet, EtherCAT, Analog
  • Compatible with most robot brandsand emerging robots


  • Robot hand guiding of medical robots
  • Torque feedback/control for humanoid robots
  • Surgical robots

Application fields:

  • Medical
  • Scientific research
  • Humanoid robots
  • Cobots

Delivery time:

5 business days


DHL, UPS or others as you appoint