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Powerful substitute for laser displacement sensor

Featured Product from Hypersen Technologies Co., Ltd.

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Hypersen Chromatic Confocal Sensor is a non-contact displacement sensor that measure object’s thickness, flatness, distance/surface height and displacement at sub-micron level. Compared with conventional laser displacement sensor, this sensor performs much better when inspect transparent and highly-reflective objects, such as glass, display, lens, metal, PCB, chip, plastics, wafer, etc.


The whole sensor system consists of a sensor controller and one or more sensor heads.



  • Linearity error: 0.15um
  • Static repeatability: 0.04um
  • Measurement angle: ±62°
  • Non-contact measurement
  • One controller can support 4 measurement channels simultaneously
  • Perfect for transparent and highly reflective materials


  • Glass/lens profile measurement
  • Glass/lens defect detection
  • LED/OLED Display flatness inspection
  • Height consistency inspection of PC keyboard keys
  • Wafer thickness and flatness measurement
  • Bottle thickness measurement
  • Medical tube inspection
  • Step height measurement of PCB components


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Within 5 business days


Return policy; Long-term after-sales service and technical support


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Contact person: Dylan Hou

E-mail: dylan_hou@hypersen.com