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Smart tracking solutions address the Six Big Losses
ifm TTQ (Track, Trace, and Quality) solutions target the Six Big Losses on efficiency. Whether you are looking to improve availability scores with returnable asset tracking, or to improve quality with automatic machine set up and RFID enabled smart tooling, it is important to understand how specific solutions impact production efficiencies.

  • What if everything you produced was of the highest quality?
  • What if every shipment that left your facility was 100% accurate, every time?
  • What if you always knew the location of every tool or raw material?
  • What if you could quickly raise operating efficiency by implementing a tracking solution?


Raw materials management
Tracking technologies applied to raw material storage and retrieval ensure that production never stops, enabling:

  • Automatic and reliable raw material location tracking
  • Real-time accurate inventories and minimization of lot sizes
  • Autonomous tracking for fixed storage bays and unstructured environments


Returnable assets management
Tracking container assets within a facility increases availability for production while protecting a manufacturer from unexpected losses and fines by enabling:

  • Real time location tracking of assets within the facility
  • Validation of receipt and shipment of high value assets for production
  • Communication to many databases and software suites at once


Smart tooling
By applying serialized identifiers, tracking technology enables smart tooling capabilities within production processes and machinery, enabling:

  • Confirmation of the correct tool for the job at hand
  • Real time location tracking and maintenance data storage
  • Automatic configuration of machine parameters for the installed tool


Error proofing
Identification technology enables manufacturing processes to proactively prevent errors from occurring. Ensure every product is made to specification with zero mistakes by enabling:

  • Defect identification within production/assembly at the point of error
  • Real time tracking of a “batch of one” throughout production
  • Effective quarantine, accurate rework, and scrap rate tracking


Access control
Tracking technologies ensures the right people are at the right machine at the right time so critical assets are managed properly, enabling:

  • Varying levels of access to machine adjustments and process changes
  • Optimization of your workforce; the right person on the right machine
  • Enhanced security, and protection of machine assets in complex processes


WIP management
Tracking work-in-progress (WIP) gives real-time insight as to what is in production, giving the ability to create a digital twin of the production floor, enabling:

  • Effective, lean, and intelligent production
  • Real time optimization of production scheduling
  • Location tracking of WIP subassemblies and needed material inventories


Packaging and unitizing
Ensuring the correct packaging is used for your product is a critical control point for any robust quality control program. Adding unique identifiers on bulk packages or shipments enables:

  • Effective mixed-lot prevention measures in production/packaging
  • Reduction in lot sizes, limiting potential impact of a product recall/rework
  • Location tracking, shipment verification, and product sequencing of finished goods


Storage and retrieval
UHF RFID technology enables a low cost, highly effective inventory tracking and localization capabilities by enabling:

  • Real time tracking and inventory of finished goods into/out of storage bays
  • Localization of finished goods in unstructured environments with mobile automation
  • Location and destination prompt to personnel to reduce sourcing and shipment time


Sequencing and shipments
Serialization of shipping units unlocks the capability of ensuring that every order is complete and sequenced by enabling:

  • Sequencing verification for JIT (Just in Time) Manufacturing
  • Automatic shipment manifest and verification with timestamps
  • Reliable recording of all activated shipping units moved through portal control



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