3D vision sensor available for Universal Robots

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ifm vision system for Universal Robots available
Robotics: Plug-and-play integration of the 3D vision sensor possible thanks to newly developed software
Universal Robots (UR) from Denmark are worldwide pioneers in the field of modular and cost-efficient lightweight robots. In particular small and medium-sized companies combine cooperative robots individually according to the modular system to cooperate hand in hand with the expert staff. There are numerous applications for these robots. For example, they assume pick-and-place tasks in the fields of palletising and packaging or in the fields of assembly or machine tending.

3D cameras for mobile applications

  • Reliable data provision via Ethernet UDP
  • Fast distance measurement with time-of-flight technology
  • Suited for use in mobile machines
  • Compact and robust housing
  • Very long sensing range up to 35 m


3D sensors
The O3M is a photoelectric 3D sensor which measures the distance between the sensor and the nearest surface point by point using the time-of-flight principle. The unit illuminates the scene with an external infrared light source and calculates the distance by means of the light reflected from the surface.
Thanks to its outstanding shock and vibration resistance, the sensor is suited for use in mobile machines. The O3M can be used on agricultural machinery for automatic swath detection and line guidance. It detects the volume flow of the harvested material and simultaneously provides a driver steer and speed recommendation to the vehicle control system. Installed on construction machines and municipal vehicles, the sensor can be used to prevent collision. Obstacles in the path are safely detected.

3D cameras

  • Visual assessment of distance, level or volume
  • Reliable function due to time-of-flight measurement
  • Illumination, measurement and evaluation in one unit
  • Output of distance and grey values
  • Integration by means of intuitive parameter setting software


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