Automation solutions for a better food supply

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Digitised food production:
solutions for tomorrow’s food supply.

The world's population is growing and, hence, the challenge for the global food and beverage industry to meet the growing demand for safe and high-quality products.

For over 50 years, ifm has been developing reliable automation solutions that make processes along the entire food chain more efficient and supports to sustainable agriculture for millions of people around the world.

The Global Goals for sustainable development - agreed by every country in 2015 at the United Nations - are a world changing plan to end poverty, fight inequality and tackle the climate crisis.

These 17 Goals are our to do list for people and planet.

Automation solutions for a better food supply

From the field to the end product, from the mobile machine to the industrial production plant: ifm offers the right solution for every step and stage of an automated and digitised value chain. Sensors provide relevant values and data that ensure efficient and reliable processes. Our software solutions convert these values into informative added values that help to detect standstills and malfunctions at an early stage. This reduces the risk of losses in productivity and quality:

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
The gold standard for measuring manufacturing productivity.

Avoiding unplanned downtimes. IO-Link transfers all maintenance-related data directly and digitally from the system to the IT level. We offer you all the components you need to efficiently monitor the health of your machines: products ranging from the sensor to the network infrastructure and software – all from a single source.
Transparency leads to efficiency. The more comprehensively you monitor the values of your plant, the more effectively you can maintain the performance of your plants at a high level and permanently produce high quality and quantities. We offer you all the components required to simplify the dialogue with your plant, such as high-precision sensors, digital data transmission without any conversion loss via IO-Link and powerful software.
Even tiny deviations from the target process can reduce the quality of the food produced. In the worst case, valuable raw materials and produced batches will be lost. We offer you holistic solutions for a permanent, long-term analysis of all critical values in your production process. This is how you can be sure that your products will meet highest quality standards at all times.
Digitalization from the sensor level to the cloud:
Processing decentralised information centrally. We offer you solutions with which you can bundle sensor information from plants, pre-process it and then transfer it to cloud systems for central and collaborative evaluation – even without intermediate controllers and PCs, all without requiring direct connection to the company network. Secure your food production thanks to intelligent alerts and transparent data that is available anytime, anywhere.
Automation solutions can also help to guarantee food safety in the logistics process. By means of unique codes, raw materials such as fruits, vegetables and grains can be traced back on their way from the harvest to the end customer. Transparent supply chains guarantee the required quality and also increase the customers’ trust in the products.
Digitised food supply: efficient, safe, sustainable
The agri-food industry has set itself ambitious sustainability targets. Learn more about how ifm supports its customers’ endeavours to ensure the global food supply of the future.


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