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Degree-accurate positioners for industrial valves

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Degree-accurate positioners for industrial valves
Moving the valves into position
Positioners are used to precisely move valve flaps and ball valves to the desired position based on a signal from the control plane that indicates the degree of opening of the valve as a percentage.

The positioner developed by ifm is based on the well-known MVQ sensor unit and is supplemented by a new control unit. With the help of the integrated algorithms in the MVQ, the connected solenoid valve is precisely controlled. By regulating the supply and exhaust air, the valve flap is reliably brought into the desired position and held there securely. The positioner provides visual and control feedback when the valve has reached the desired position.

To maximize the efficiency and ease of use of commissioning, the device has multiple teach-in modes. In addition, a self-learning algorithm was developed that continuously monitors, improves and expands the performance of the positioner.

Smartly positioned

  • Precisely approach and hold any valve flap position
  • Extensive diagnostic functions enable condition monitoring via IO-Link
  • Individually adjustable RGB LEDs for clear visual feedback and localization
  • Flexible modular system: sensor, solenoid valve, choke plate and connecting lines in a set


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