Illumination Units - Contour/Position Verification

Featured Product from ifm electronic gmbh

ifm backlights can be screwed onto a wall or fixture, requiring only little space due to the extremely flat design of only 9.2 mm. They generate a homogeneous light field with visible red or invisible infrared light and can be obtained in three different sizes.

The ultra-flat backlights allow operation with two different light intensities: In the "normal" mode the element can work in the permanent or pulsed mode, in the "high" mode pulse operation with 4 times more light is possible. The exposure time is thus reduced by 75 to 80% which is an advantage especially for fast processes.

  • Ultra-flat design
  • Permanent light or pulse operation
  • Additional operating mode for 4 times more light
  • Versions with three different illuminated area sizes
  • Versions with infrared or red light