Incremental encoder with solid shaft and display

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Incremental encoder with solid shaft and display

  • Can be configured as encoder, speed monitor or counter
  • Clearly visible LED display with red/green colour change
  • User-friendly communication and parameterisation via IO-Link
  • High shock and vibration resistance thanks to magnetic sensing principle
  • Resolution freely programmable from 1 ... 10,000


Encoders - Complete product line

  • Compact and robust housing
  • Designs to proven industrial standard
  • Cable entry for axial and radial use
  • Versions with integrated fieldbus interface


Overall programme
In many manufacturing and production processes, in mobile machines and in the area of renewable energies encoders have become established as reliable instruments to ensure precise positioning. They convert rotary movement into digital signals. Encoders use the wear-free photoelectric or magnetic detection. A pulse disc firmly attached to the shaft or a movable magnet carrier ensures this detection.
A distinction is made between incremental and absolute encoders.
Incremental encoders generate a precisely defined number of pulses per revolution. They are a measure of the angular or linear distance moved.
Absolute encoders provide an absolute numerical value for each angular position even over several revolutions.

Sensors for motion control
In many industrial applications it is necessary to monitor drives for rotational speed or standstill, measure speeds, frequencies, distances, angles or positions and display, process and transmit current process values.
In the automotive, food, steel and mining industries, speed sensors are used to safely detect standstill, overspeed and underspeed of drives or belt break on conveyors. On mobile machines such as fork-lift trucks, speed sensors serve as speed pick-ups.
In the materials handling and wood industry, encoders have become established as reliable instruments for position and linear measurement.
Speed monitors allow tailor-made monitoring of slow and fast rotational speeds as well as complex slip, synchronous or direction monitoring.
Multifunctional displays indicate effective values and signal to the controller if limit values are reached or exceeded, or they calculate and display speeds, quantities and processing times.

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