Inspect, measure and control objects

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The new Dualis: Inspect, measure and control objects:

  • 2D vision sensor ensures process and object quality
  • Surface and contour detection for targeted robot arm navigation
  • User-friendly software simplifies set-up
  • Reliable functioning in changing light conditions


Versatile and indispensable
Missing retaining clips, too much adhesive, a toothed wheel that is too small: The new Dualis detects objects and uses the surfaces, contours, dimensions and distances to each other to check whether the quality of the object or the process step is correct. The Dualis also reliably assumes the precise control of robot arms to an object - this makes it a versatile sensor that is indispensable in processes with low error tolerances.

The new Dualis is set up with the user-friendly ifm Vision Assistant software. Four wizards support the user in setting up the most common applications: Surface analysis, contour detection, object dimensioning and robot navigation can be completed – individually or in combination – with just a few clicks.

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Simply solve your application step by step:
A contour presence verification wizard supports you in solving simple contour presence checks. Even inexperienced users can set up the application within 2 minutes.

Robot sensor calibration
The Robot sensor calibration wizard enables precise control of an object by a robot arm. By means of marker calibration, the coordinate systems of the sensor and the robot are precisely adapted to each other.

The wizard for measurement allows determination of contours and surfaces of objects. These can be set in relation to each other and their distance determined as absolute values.

Using the blob presence verification wizard, you can easily set up an application to analyse blobs. Blobs are contiguous pixels that form an area. These areas can be checked for their size, shape or other properties.

Simple connection to robots
The ProfiNet version with an L-coded connector for power supply facilitates direct connection to industrial robots.

Many options for perfect quality control
The Dualis is available with infrared or RGB-W illumination. The latter makes it possible to distinguish objects by their colour. Highly reflective objects can also be detected easily thanks to the polarisation filter. In strongly fluctuating light conditions, the Dualis takes up to 5 images with different exposure times and then selects the optimally illuminated image for quality control.
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