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Integrate the sensor directly into IO-Link

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Integrate the sensor directly into IO-Link
Digitisation of probes for IO-Link
IO-Link has established itself as an intelligent interface for the integration of smart sensors and devices in various industries. Nevertheless, conventional temperature sensors (Pt100 / Pt1000 elements or thermocouplers) are still widely used in many machines and systems, which must be connected to the central control system. With the new IO-Link measurement modules, up to four temperature sensors can be connected to one IO-Link master port, optionally in 2-, 3- or 4-wire connection technology. The pin configuration of the M12 connector can be individually adjusted using the IO-Link parameterization.

Adjustment of the measured value
Especially when measuring temperature with thermocoupler elements, the metals used in the pipes and contacts have a considerable influence on the measured value. Therefore, the measured value can be adjusted to the measurement lead used using the parameters "Cold junction offset" and "Temperature zero point calibration".

In order to cover a wide range of numbers with high resolution, the measured value is displayed in the process data as a "floating number".

Product benefits:

4 ports for direct connection of temperature sensors
Up to 4 Pt100, Pt1000 elements and thermal couplers can be connected to the module via standard M12 connectors.

Smallest temperature trends recognizable
Thanks to the fine internal resolution, temperature changes as low as 0.01 °C can be precisely detected.

High Accuracy
An accuracy of 0.3% is achieved over the entire measuring range.

Robust design
High-quality materials enable the high degrees of protection of IP67 (orange housing) and IP69K (gray housing).

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