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TCC temperature sensor with self-monitoring

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Do you trust your temperature measuring instruments?
Temperature measurement is one of the most important measurements in process control. In the food and beverage industry, accurate and reliable temperature measurement is critical to product quality and safety. But what happens if your process temperature is inaccurate?
ifm's TCC is designed to solve the challenges of conventional temperature measurement products.
Clear display of sensor health
Thanks to "Calibration Check Technology", measurement accuracy can be monitored in real time. If the temperature deviates from the defined tolerance values, the TCC communicates this both electronically via a signal and optically via a blue LED.
IO-Link provides detailed insights into the process
Compared to analogue communication, digital communication ensures higher measurement accuracy and reliability, as there is no signal loss.
Absolute tightness due to one-piece housing
If moisture penetrates the sensor, this often leads to drift. The fully welded stainless steel housing makes the TCC permanently resistant to external influences such as moisture.
Various installation lengths and process connections
1.5" and 2" tri-clamp adapters, 6 mm diameter and hygienic G1/2" process connections with installation lengths of up to 550 mm allow use in a wide range of applications.
Two RTD elements integrated into the measuring tip react in opposite directions to temperature changes and are monitored by a microprocessor for decreasing measurement accuracy.

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