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The IHS Standards Store provides one-stop-shopping to standards, regulations and related publications from professional societies, trade associations, international and national standardization and regulatory bodies and government and military sources.

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IHS ESDU provides reference guides and procedures for bearing selection, bearing material seleciton, estimation of operating temperatures, friction calculation and other performance criteria analysis in their ESDU Bearing Design Units.

Most standard or document orders are shipped within 24 hours. There are a variety of purchasing and delivery options, as well as free update services for revised or superseded bearing standards. IHS helps engineers to build better, safer Bearings and bearing related components, achieve international compliance for bearing products for access to worldwide markets, and reduce bearing and mechanical power transmission development time to get into the field faster.

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Online Standards Solutions

Statistics show that 1 out of every 5 people who purchase individual documents benefit from an online subscription. If your company spends more than $3,000 in standards per year, struggle to keep your standards library up to date or have multiple users in various locations accessing standards, then you should consider a subscription.

The IHS online subscription solution provides flexibility and company-wide access to over 1.6 million documents from more than 370 standards developing organizations (SDOs).

It enables you select the standards you need, whether they come from a single standards developing organization (SDO), multiple SDOs, standards packages assembled by IHS content experts or any combination in between. The online standards management platform - IHS Standards Expert™ - furnishes you with the most comprehensive worldwide collection of industry specifications and standards. Information is updated daily with easy, intuitive searching, navigation, and monitoring from any desktop.