Cinema.JNIOR Application Software

Product Announcement from INTEG Process Group, Inc.

Cinema.JNIOR Application Software-Image

Cinema.JNIOR is a software program that runs on the INTEG JNIOR to provide central control functionality for a theater implementing a digital cinema system.  The application provides the JNIOR with the ability to communicate with a digital “Cinema Server”, an auxiliary “Client” (such as a preshow system), “Projectors” and other “Devices” via the Ethernet and/or serial ports. 

The program allows the JNIOR to control the JNIOR I/O based on commands received from an external system and/or via macros run on the JNIOR that when triggered can control the JNIOR outputs and send commands to the connected devices at various timing points.  Flexibility is built into the system via a variety of configuration parameters and set-up files. 

The Cinema.JNIOR application can be easily added and configured in the field using the JNIOR Support Tool.