Task Manager: Mailing and Shipping Software

Product Announcement from INTEG Process Group, Inc.

Task Manager: Mailing and Shipping Software-Image

Task Manager offers a complete and flexible solution for triggering ‘actions’ based on ‘events’ for controlling outputs, data acquisition, data logging, sending e-mail and more.  All the ‘tasks’ are quickly set-up via the Task Manager web page, so no programming is required to implement the system.

Tasks can be set-up to run any day of the week or all the days of the week and can be based on 'time' and/or 'events'.  Time-based Tasks can be triggered once a day or on a recurring basis.  Event based Tasks can be triggered whenever there is a change that includes an input transition, a counter or usage meter exceeding a pre-set value, an output changes status, or an analog value is exceeded. 

Multiple Tasks can be set-up on each JNIOR.

Actions can be configured for each Task to control a digital or analog output, reset a counter or usage meter, log data from the JNIOR to a file and/or send an e-mail.  E-mail can also be used to send a file.

Multiple Actions can be configured for each Task.

Task Manager offers the user the following key features:

  • Runs on the JNIOR so you do not need a PC, PLC or any other device connected to the JNIOR.  The JNIOR handles everything.
  • Tasks run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Tasks can occur on a time based interval and/or based on specific events triggered by the JNIOR I/O
  • Multiple Tasks can be configured per JNIOR and multiple Actions can be configured per Task
  • The JNIOR can run Task Manager and still implement all the other great JNIOR features.

Data stored on the JNIOR can be in CSV (Comma Separated Values) formatted files for easy transfer from the JNIOR and for use in other applications, including standard spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel.