Amine Intermediates for Plastics and Resins

Product Announcement from INVISTA

Amine Intermediates for Plastics and Resins-Image

Plastic Additives and Resins

Application Improvement Monomer/Additive

• Injection Molding Improved Moldability
More Flexibility
Softer Feel
Scratch & Abrasion Resistance DYTEK® A Amines

• Resin Lower Melting Point
Improved Surface Appearance
Enhanced Absorbance of Pigments

• Rubber Better Compatibility
Faster Cure
Lower Viscosity Cure DYTEK® A Amines

• Flexographic Films (printing inks) Excellent Adhesion
High Gloss
Flexibility DYTEK® A Amines

• Wet-Strength Paper Resin Used as Co-Monomer to
Improve Re-Pulpability DYTEK® BHMT,