Dytek® Nitriles

Product Announcement from INVISTA

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INVISTA nitriles are highly polar liquids that can be used as reaction or crystallization solvents or as intermediates in the manufacture of acids, amines, amides, and other products.

DYTEK® ADN (Adiponitrile)

DYTEK® MGN (2-Methylglutaronitrile)

DYTEK® 2M3BN (2-Methyl-3-Butenenitrile)

DYTEK® 2PN (cis-2-Pentenenitrile)

DYTEK® 3APN (3-Aminopentanenitrile)

DYTEK® 3PN (3-Pentenenitrile)

Solutions have been found in the following segments such as pharmaceutical (building blocks, reagents, bioactives and lewis acids), construction (epoxy curing agents and asphalt liquid anti-strips), lubricants (fuel additives and corrosion inhibitors), coatings (epoxy curing agents and chain extenders/intermediates), and water treatment.

"The common thread among all of our DYTEK® brands is that they are core molecules from which unique derivatives can be made", said Nadine deVries, DYTEK® North American business manager. "The DYTEK® brand is synonymous in the marketplace with innovative solutions yet to be discovered, so linking the products and the brand makes perfect sense. Our global team has the relentless and motivational drive to generate at least one new "Idea" every year."

The various DYTEK® Intermediates offer a wide selection of functional groups and possibilities for chemical modifications. Primary and secondary Amine, Imine, Nitrile, Double bonds, Boron atoms, α,β-unsaturations. Combining this with standard reactions like hydrogenation, saponification, Michael-Addition, Cyclisation, Acylation allows the access to many interesting and versatile intermediates. Some of those are already outlined in the application descriptions on this web page. Many of them however could not be cited and even more are waiting for your innovative chemistry. In order to get you started we can supply you with samples and information about the products.