Precision Glass Tubes

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IRD manufactures many different sizes and shapes of technical glass and optical components using varied and unique grinding techniques to hold precise dimensional tolerances and surface finish requirements.

IRD currently manufactures many different sizes and shapes of glass tubes, pedestals and other applications for the pressure transducer sensor industry. The majority of tubes are made using 33 expansion borosilicate glass designed to closely match the thermal expansion of silicon. Produced in volumes approaching one-half million per year, they're controlled to tight length tolerances, polished on the ends to better than .000004" flat, fire polished on one end to radius the sharp edge while maintaining a very tight scratch/dig tolerance. IRD also provides custom designed thin-film metalization on tubes for the pressure transducer sensor industry, along with precision rods used primarily as tooling, spacers or masks in many diverse applications.

Reference the IRD Glass website for typical and best tolerances for standard operations.

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