Prisms - Flat Optics

Product Announcement from IRD Glass

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IRD controls flatness using a combination of interferometers, precision gauging and regular equipment maintenance. Flatness of 1/10 wave and better is regularly achieved, along with parallelism up to 5 arc seconds or .000030" over a 9"+ substrate. Components with tight angular tolerances are controlled to better than 3 arc-minutes, and NIST traceable certification is available accurate to within 5 arc-seconds of the optical angle if required.

IRD Glass also manufactures all sorts of custom optical and non-optical components from a wide range of raw materials. They excel at holding very precise tolerances that help customers solve problems resulting from excessive variation. Partnering opportunities with customers have resulted in IRD being the sole-source provider to large and small corporations in varied industries.

IRD uses many different types of high grade optical materials to manufacture custom components. They also apply custom thin-film coatings designed to improve optical performance. IRD's standard coatings include mirrors, durable anti-reflection, high laser damage threshold coatings, band-pass filters, beam-splitters and other specialty coatings. A sampling of the high quality materials IRD uses includes nBk7, B270, high index glasses, Schott filter glass, fused silica, quartz, 33 expansion borosilicate (Simax and others), Zerodur and ULE.

IRD also provides assemblies and testing of the optics in mounting devices using UV-curable and other adhesives when requested.

Reference the IRD Glass website for typical and best tolerances for standard operations.

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