CAP-CT-4 & CAP-ENV-4 Windows at Reduced Price

Featured Product from IRISS, Inc.

CAP-CT-4 & CAP-ENV-4 Windows at Reduced Price-Image

IRISS is happy to announce a reduction in the price of the CAP-CT and ENV 4 inch windows.  You can now get a bigger window for less.  The new pricing reflects a 16% bigger window for 5% less.  Who says IR Windows have to be round?  The larger rectangular viewing area provides an unparalleled field of view when compared to the traditional round IR windows.

The exclusive pharmaceutical-grade reinforced Poly-View SystemTM polymer allows any thermography camera to monitor completely undisturbed assets inside energized electrical equipment in the visual, UV and shortwave, midwave and longwave IR spectrums.



Take advantage of the reduced pricing today!

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