Geothermal Vaults for Your 'Green' Energy Needs

Product Announcement from ISCO/Snap-Tite

Geothermal Vaults for Your 'Green' Energy Needs-Image

ISCO Industries custom-fabricated HDPE Circuit Maker geothermal vaults are strong, leak-free structures that keep your valve systems and other equipment clean and safe for years to come. Let ISCO's Circuit Maker geothermal vaults be your next 'green' energy solution.

The importance and demand of renewable energy sources are growing due to the public's increasing concern and awareness of reducing waste. The use of geothermal energy is also supported and endorsed by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency.

ISCO Industries fabricates custom HDPE valve boxes, vaults and manholes for your specific geothermal needs. The features of the ISCO HDPE Circuit Maker geothermal vaults include:

· Butt-fused circuitry

· 100 percent leak-free polyethylene structure

· H-20 (Highway Traffic) load rating available

· OHSA-approved access ladder

· Custom fabrication to your specifications

· Extrusion welding

· Pressure Temperature (P/T) ports on all outlets

· Choice of metal or polyethylene valves

· Quick pressure test of individual circuits

· And, plastic cap retainers.

ISCO Industries also supplies GeoPro Bentonite-based thermal grout, gauge adapters, geothermal underground detectable tape, HDPE pipe and fittings and pre-fused polyethylene U-bend coils. ISCO also provides field fusion technicians and on-the-job training for your crew to help with complete installation of your geothermal system; and is your primary source for three of the most common methods of connecting a HDPE geothermal system in the field – socket fusion, electrofusion and butt-fusion. Click here for more information.

ISCO Industries is a proud member of the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA).