No Dig, Low Cost Culvert Erosion Repair

Product Announcement from ISCO/Snap-Tite

No Dig, Low Cost Culvert Erosion Repair-Image

Government highway departments now have the AASHTO M326 culvert erosion solution they've been looking for. Snap-Tite® announces the first of its kind HDPE culvert lining system that provides a leak-free, no dig alternative for typically expensive repairs to culverts that have been compromised by breakage and water erosion.

Nationwide, thousands of culverts that were installed 40-50 years ago have become unsafe and are in danger of collapse. In fact the problem has become so critical that the American Association of State Highway Transportation (AASHTO) created a new standard (M326) for relining culverts.

Snap-Tite® now meets that standard with the only HDPE culvert liners equipped with a leak-free mechanical joint locking system available on the market today!

Snap-Tite®'s revolutionary new joint locking system allows culverts to be completely relined, in some cases, in as little as half a day with no interruption to traffic flow because no digging of trenches is required. This in turn can save federal, state, and county highway departments up to a 1000 percent of the costs normally associated with traditional culvert relining methods.

How do they do it?

Click here to watch a short 60 second animated demonstration

As you can see, Snap-Tite®'s ease of installation makes it the 'go-to' choice for culvert rehab and...these advantages also make Snap-Tite® culvert lining pipe the perfect answer for culvert extensions, road-widening, direct burial applications, drainage, dam levee and sewer repairs with limited access.

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