Snap-Tite® Offers Large Diameter Pipe

Product Announcement from ISCO/Snap-Tite

Snap-Tite® Offers Large Diameter Pipe-Image

Snap-Tite now offers a large diameter high-density polyethylene (HDPE) lining system as an ideal solution for damaged or deteriorating metal and concrete culverts of any size, including box, oval or arched pipe.

Snap-Tite's large diameter line is comprised of profile wall HDPE pipe that is manufactured to ASTM F894 requirements. With diameters up to 132 inches and low resistance to flow, the system provides lower weight answers at lower costs for deteriorating culverts as large as 15 feet in diameter. Large diameter options are available in lengths from 20 to 50 feet with special lengths available upon request. The use of either gasketed or fused joints ensures ease of installation and a watertight seal, which meets the requirements of ASTM D3212.

Onsite, the pipe is joined together then pushed and/or pulled into the full length of the existing culvert. Unlike other rehab systems, the annular space between the old pipe and the new Snap-Tite pipe is filled with a low-density cellular grout. This process fills any voids between the old pipe and the new liner, delivering a truly rehabilitated structure. Snap-Tite is also easy to install. Nearly all of the culvert renewal can be done off-road with minimal disturbance to the right-of way and without road closures.