View Video of How Hydro-Bell Improves Culvert Flow

Product Announcement from ISCO/Snap-Tite

View Video of How Hydro-Bell Improves Culvert Flow-Image

Snap-Tite's® new inlet control device, the Hydro-Bell, is ideal for flood-prone culvert rehabilitation projects and improves water flow up to 34 percent (depending on the head pressure). The Hydro-Bell is designed to "snap" onto the standard Snap-Tite® culvert lining system's machined ends providing a larger, wider intake at the culvert entrance.

An initial test was conducted to see the effects of the Hydro-Bell in relation to flow. The study determined that the Hydro-Bell increased the flow ranging from 15 percent to 34 percent (in relation to pressure conditions), relative to the flow through a standard square end inlet condition typically found in culvert applications.

Hydraulic flow in short runs of pipe, such as drainage culverts, is often controlled by inlet and/or outlet conditions. It is possible to maximize flow rate by altering the inlet or outlet conditions in the culvert. However, in most cases, the outlet conditions are difficult to alter; but, modifying the inlet condition is both practical and feasible. Through the design and testing of the inlet flow enhancing solution, it is possible to increase the hydraulic efficiency (and/or reduce head loss) of a pipe or culvert.

Inlet devices currently used in the construction industry have relied on the same designs for more than 40 years. The Hydro-Bell inlet device represents the first device introduced in recent years that uses newer materials to capitalize on the effects of culvert fluid dynamics.

The Hydro-Bell device design consists of rounding the inlet with a leading radius, which transitions to a diametrical recess in the interior of the Hydro-Bell structure. Click here to view an animation of how the Hydro-Bell works.

More details about the test, test methodology and the data gathered are available online in a white paper titled, "Report Describing Testing and Design Recommendations for the Snap-Tite® Hydro-Bell".