Multilayer SMD Inductor

Featured Product from ITG Electronics, Inc.

ITG Electronics, Inc. introduces the CL Series of multilayer SMD Chip Inductor for general purpose applications. CL Series consist of 4 different foot prints: 

0603 foot print inductance range from 0.047uH to 22uH

0805 foot print inductance range from 0.047uH to 2.2uH

0806 foot print inductance range from 3.3uH to 33uH

1206 foot print inductance range from 0.10uH to 33uH

Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +825°C.

Storage Temperature Range -10°C to + 40°C.

For more information and an individual datasheet, please visit:                   

 ITG Electronics, 175 Clearbrook Elmsford, NY 10523    



ITG Electronics headquarters is Elmsford, New York. ITG specializes in wire-wound power magnetic components design, product development and manufacturing. ITG is a preferred supplier for magnetics components to many US and worldwide major electronics OEM’s. On June 1, 2016, ITG introduced its EMI Filter Products to the USA Market.

ITG factories are IATF/TS 16949, ISO 9000, ISO 14000, OHSAS 18000, QC 0800000, ISO 14064 Certified.