Flat Wire High Current Inductor 0.25" foot print

Featured Product from ITG Electronics, Inc.

ITG's SC2515 Series is an expansion of its 0.25"" foot print SMD power inductor with 4mm max. height; SC2511 Series is 3mm max. height. Flat wire design enable better thermal performance!


  • 4mm height High Current SMD Inductor
  • 0.25" foot print 6.8x7.4mm
  • Ideal for DC to DC Converter, VRM & High Density Power Supplies Application
  • Achieve high copper density and ultra low DCR with flat Wire coil
  • Tight DCR tolerance control for current sensing application
  • Inductance Range 0.47uH to 5.0uH.
  • Custom value are welcome
  • Operating Temperature -55 to + 150 Degree C
  • Suitable for IR Reflow soldering Process
  • T & R Qtys: 1300 pcs per reel

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