UL and cUL Listed MRI Room Power Line EMI Filters

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ITG Electronics introduces UL and cUL Listed MRI Room Power Line EMI Filter Series designed to reduce EMI emissions from entering a MRI Shielded Room through the power lines causing interference with MRI scanning equipment operation.

ITG Electronics, a leading design and manufacturer of CM, DM chokes and Transformers since 1963, is now offering a range of single, two and three line MRI Room power line filters for the U.S. and Canada E491046 (FOKY, FOKY7).

The Single line F1770, two line F2771 and F3772 three line EMI filters are designed to provide 100dB attenuation at 5MHz to 10Ghz. MRI Room filters are provided with a removable cover for input and pre-installed wires for the output connection. Filter boxes are supplied with a threaded pipe for filter installation through the MRI Shielded Room to provide maximum isolation between the input and the output terminations.

MRI Room EMI filters are rated 250VAC and 480VAC line to line, 50/60 Hz and are available for 1 A through 50 A rated currents at 60C ambient temperature. The dielectric with-standing voltage is 2,250 VDC on each line to ground before installing any discharge resistors.

MRI Room Data Line Filters and CAT 5 Filters are also available upon request.

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