Vertical Mounted Toroidal Inductor

Featured Product from ITG Electronics, Inc.

ITG Electronics, Inc. introduces the new Series of vertical mounted Toroidal Inductors for switch mode power supplies applications. These new series of inductors adopt low core loss powder core, exhibit excellent current handling capability, low leakage magnetics flux, no thermal aging concern. Vertical mount mechanical design saves board space. Inductance ranges from 40uH to 33,750uH. Custom values are welcomed.

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 L201203 Series

L201204 Series            

L201219 Series    

 ITG Electronics, 175 Clearbrook Elmsford, NY 10523    



ITG Electronics headquarters is Elmsford, New York. ITG specializes in wire-wound power magnetic components design, product development and manufacturing. ITG is a preferred supplier for magnetics components to many US and worldwide major electronics OEM’s. On June 1, 2016, ITG introduced its EMI Filter Products to the USA Market.

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