Cold Cut Gripper

Featured Product from ITT Compact Automation

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Compact Automation provides a unique custom workholding product to meet strict FDA guidelines.

Application Problem:

A US food processing/packaging equipment company faced significant downtime and high operating costs due to frequent maintenance requirements on its grip/slice machine design. The sliced cold cuts equipment required a frequency of service that negatively impacted production throughput for end users, increasing costs and repair time.

ITT Custom Solution:

Compact Automation provided a stainless steel gripper system that met the current FDA regulations for food grade equipment. This unique custom gripper integrated four independent  jaw actuation, stainless steel actuators, a specified rod length with a special gripping geometry, unique mounting considerations, air connections and porting that met the customer needs.

Customer Benefit:

Compact Automation was able to offer a product solution that addressed all of the requirements of the customer to include improved in-service performance and reliability of their equipment, reduced repair time and improved maintenance costs for their end-users.