Hydraulic Subsea Actuators on Subsea ROV

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ROV Paddles Application Problem:

A major ROV manufacturer utilizing manual paddle valves for operating utility fluid onboard work/construction class ROV skid for BOP closure and hydrate remediation work. They were also using a second ROV to operate paddle valves on the lower skid of primary ROV and wanted autonomous operation of the valves.

ITT Custom Solution:

  • ITT Subsea hydraulic rotaries were designed.
  • Operate Autoclave and BuTech 2-way, ¼ turn ball-valves down to 12,000 ft depths.
  • Small size and weight compliant. Smallest ITT rotary unit provides 530 in-lbs of torque at 500 psi hydraulic input pressure. 

Customer Benefit:

  • ITT Turn-Act subsea rotaries successfully passed all hyperbaric chamber testing to 12,000' depths at customer test site.
  • Exceeded the ROV mfr's expectations with reliability of performance and torque outputs at actual working depths. 
  • Customer has purchased over 300 units over 24 month period and continues to find additional applications for using them. 

Product Focus:

Turn-Act Rotary
Gate Valve Cylinder