Inch Round Cylinders

Featured Product from ITT Compact Automation

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Compact Inch Cylinders, Inch Linear Actuators, Single Acting Cylinders and Knife Gate Cylinders are available in 3 duty types:

Standard Duty
Our most space efficient duty. Short rod bearing and thin piston design.
Available as single or double rod end.

Intermediate Duty (Half Husky®)
A combination of our standard and heavy duty long rod bearing and thin piston,
designed for medium duty service. Available as single or double rod end.

Heavy Duty (Full Husky)
Longer rod bearing plus longer piston. Designed for heavy-duty services.
Available as single or double rod end.

Compact Automation belongs to the ITT family of companies. We have separated our products throughout multiple websites to make it more convenient for the customer to locate specific products. Compact Automation manufactures Hydraulic Cylinders, Air Cylinders and Linear Actuators. We also specialize in customizing and modifying designs to fit our customers' needs.