1/2 Ton of Refrigeration in Seconds

Product Announcement from ITW Air Management

1/2 Ton of Refrigeration in Seconds-Image

Compact yet powerful, vortex tubes produce up to 6000 BTU/hour of refrigeration and temperatures as low as -40 deg to solve a variety of industrial spot cooling and process cooling needs.  The vortex tube is highly reliable with no moving parts, relying on the vortex tube principle to transform ambient compressed air into a cold air stream.  The vortex tube requires no electricity at the cooling site, merely a source of compressed air; and it installs in just seconds, with cold air generated instantly upon connection to a source of compressed air.   

Vortex tubes are available in cooling capacities ranging from 100 - 6000 BTU/hour, and sizes ranging from 6 - 13 inches,   The cooling is easily adjustable by changing the inlet air pressure, the ratio of cold air to exhaust, or or by changing the generator capacity in the vortex tube.  

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